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5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Quality Dressage Saddle Cloths

Posted by Denise 17/07/2018 0 Comment(s)

While there are relatively few equestrian products that our most discerning customers here at Imperial Equestrian would consider inessential, the great importance of the most appropriate saddle cloths should not be understated.

Saddle cloths – also sometimes referred to as saddle pads or even simply ‘squares’ – play a crucial role in protecting your horse’s back and absorbing sweat, thereby helping to ensure much greater comfort when riding for both you and your horse. 

However, there are certain issues to which you will need to give some thought if you are to choose the genuinely fine-quality dressage saddle cloths that are the best match for your needs.


A saddle cloth is not the same as a numnah


You may have read in some guides that ‘numnah’ is simply another term for a saddle pad or cloth; however, this isn’t quite true. The two items do basically serve the same purpose, but a regular saddle cloth or pad is relatively square, whereas numnahs are saddle-shaped.

Whether you opt for a saddle pad or numnah is up to you, as none is objectively better than the other.


Is the brand one that you can trust?


You will naturally wish to select from the offerings of brands that you can have faith in producing the most innovative and finest-quality dressage saddle cloths.

This is something that we go to great lengths to ensure here at Imperial Equestrian, through our supply of well-reviewed and trusted saddle pads from such names as PS of Sweden and Eskadron.


Make sure it’s a dressage saddle cloth


When you are seeking the saddle pad that best addresses your needs as far as dressage is concerned, you are urged to look for a dedicated dressage saddle cloth, as it is this type that is most suitable for use with the unique shape of a dressage saddle.

Quality dressage saddle cloths can be purchased from Imperial Equestrian in an assortment of styles and designs, and you don’t need to switch to an alternative when you are not competing, as they are also ideal products for everyday use.


Have you chosen the right saddle pad size?


A saddle cloth that doesn’t properly fit your horse could cause all manner of problems, so this is an aspect of your choice that you will have to take great care to ensure you get right.

As a rule of thumb, a 15-inch front-to-back measurement means you should opt for a pony saddle cloth. For between 15.5 and 16.5 inches, a cob saddle pad is the best bet, while a size of 17 inches or more should mean purchasing a full or horse saddle cloth.


Pay close attention to the material used


Even the most impeccable quality dressage saddle cloths are not all made from the same materials. The sheer durability and comfort of sheepskin, for example, makes it a popular choice of material for saddle pads, while foam and fibre are also often used, due to their excellent cushioning properties.

Why not start your search for the ideal high-quality dressage saddle cloths by browsing our own selection here at Imperial Equestrian today? We are continually updating our product range with new, stylish and interesting saddle cloths to cater to the most widely varying requirements. 

Remember that all orders worth more than £50 can also be delivered for free to a UK postal address.





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