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Summer Horseriding

Posted by Denise 18/06/2021 1 Comment(s)

With the weather in the UK unpredictable, this poses a few challenges for us horse lovers. For example, if the weather is hot we require not only equestrian style but cooling abilities in the fabrics to allow freedom of airflow and quick drying. Equestrian manufacturers, such as Cavallo, Pikeur, and PS of Sweden, not only design horse riding clothing that looks good and is functional for us to allow for the freedom of movement we require when horse riding but have designed the garments for the job, giving you complete confidence that your clothing will last, look and feel good all day in the saddle. 

Here are some of our recommendations and tips;

First of all, use SPF, with a minimum of SPF30, to help prevent sunburn, Don't forget the back of your neck!! Some of our summer clothing offers UV protection as well. Keep both your horse and yourself hydrated, as this will help to regulate your body temperature.

Deciding on your summer wardrobe is a personal choice. Here at Imperial Equestrian, we are more than happy to offer advice on comfort, fit, durability, colour, etc to help with your choice. Our recommendations - We know the british weather can be 25 degrees one minute and pouring with rain the next, so shall we start with a lightweight and waterproof jacket? Our top pick is the Cavallo Padee jacket in dark blue, not only is it totally waterproof and lightweight, it has a concealed hood, handy front zip pockets, mesh lining to allow airflow and a very handy rear zip pocket to keep your phone and keys. It's timeless style will go on for years and is an investment for many more rainy summer days. Next is a lightweight and waterproof pair of riding breeches, once again we recommend from Cavallo, the high-waisted (so very flattering) summer softshell, Caja G Mobile breeches. These aren't like many waterproof breeches, these are lightweight, breathable, and also come with a large phone pocket and full grip seat. 

When it's hot, we have some wonderful strappy tops which would be just as good in the gym as they do in the saddle. Functional fabric is the key, allowing the fabric to wick away the moisture as well as being soft and stretchy for added comfort. From Cavallo, there is the Shiva t-shirt, available in 4 different colors, with spaghetti straps and the beautiful Cavallo logo in crystals on the front. If you want thicker straps then the Pikeur Lona vest top in either heath or black is a perfect choice. If you prefer to keep your shoulders covered, there is a great selection of T-shirts built for the job of keeping you comfortable, looking good as well as keeping your cool, either in function fabric, such as the Cavallo Sera or Cavallo Piper t-shirts or a cotton t-shirt , such as the Cavallo Perina or Pikeur Jill T-shirts. Polo shirts are another top to keep you looking great and are available in sleeveless, such as the Pikeur Jarla, PS of Sweden Minna, and  Cavallo Selva, in a lovely range of exciting colours, some to complete the matchy-matchy look with your horse! A classic polo shirt made in soft function fabric, in beautiful summer Wildberry colour from Pikeur, would add a timeless piece to your summer wardrobe. There are a couple of polo shirts with a twist, a more modern take on a classic, The Pikeur Linee, has a 1/2 zip at the front and at the back, in large letters the word Pikeur has been put down the spine but this has tiny air holes to allow your back to stay cool while you riding your horse!  Two other short sleeves tops made in function fabric are the stunning Pikeur Birby top with its sparkly crystal collar, in either navy or light aubergine, and the Cavallo Stina with its lace panels. In fact, equestrian clothing has never had such a fantastic range of styles to suit all shapes and sizes.

Finally a quick mention about riding gloves, As horse riders, we tend to get 'horse riders tan' which is white hands in the summer from wearing gloves, but did you know Roeckl equestrian have made gloves to address this! The Laila comes in either black or white which has a fine mesh back to allow the sun and air through, so no more white hands!!



1 Comment(s)

Tuxe life:
17/09/2021, 09:54:09 PM, tiendahipicatuxelife.com/en

Fortunately in my area the weather is more predictable and we can organize everything much better. Greetings from Spain!

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