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PS of Sweden Bridles and why they work so well

Posted by Denise 28/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

PS of  Sweden's Anatomical Bridles - Why they work so well.


Here at Imperial Equestrian, we stock PS of Sweden range of horse bridles which their unique anatomical features give optimal performance and comfort. let us explain why so many horses start to relax, lower their neck, accept the bit and relax their jaw in them.


The headpieces have rounded shaping around the ears, this gives comfort to the horse ears, allowing them to rotate their ears and listen in comfort. The headpieces are wide and padded, which comfortably even out the pressure running down to the horse's neck and help avoid pressure points.


All of the cheekpieces have unique cradles and are approved by all disciplines. These wonderful cradles bring flexibility it brings allowing the bit to be suspended in the horse mouth and therefore enabling a softer more flexible contact between the horse and rider. The cradles are also on the PS of Sweden reins which further enhance the connection and comfort between the rider and the horse's mouth. Theses cradles can be unhooked and then used as standard cheeks.


All their bridles come with a very clever detail in their browbands. The first detail is that on each end of the browband there is rubber on the surface which prevents the browband from slipping down. Again the rubber is on the inside of all the keepers to stop them slipping too. But by far the best function is the Clickit system on each end of the browband which allows you to very easily change the browband without taking the bridle apart. So you can easily swap from plain browband to bling browband in seconds.


There is a selection of different nosebands, what they all have in common is they are softly padded and anatomically shaped to avoid adding pressure on all the sensitive nerves in the horse head. All the nosebands have different functions, for example, offers a more even, wider and softer pressure when using a flash strap, leaving extra space for the airways, combining the effect of the rein between the mouth and nose... If you are unsure of which bridle to pick we are more than happy to guide you.


The PS of Sweden bridles don't come with a Throat Lash as standard. The actual function of the throat lash originates from the battlefields. it was tightened so as your opponent wasn't able to rip off your bridle. Showjumping rules don't require the use of a throat lash, the same with British dressage but FEI dressage still requires one to be used. Therefore these are sold separately and easily attached to the clickit system on the browband.


All their bridle are made from ECO- friendly vegetable-tanned leather. These bridles have been designed for the ultimate performance and comfort for your horse, your horse will thank you!

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